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Fee Development

Oak Street Capital has been identifying, attacking and solving complex, multi-dimensional real estate projects and problems for many years. We offer comprehensive, cradle-to-grave development services, from site selection to punch list. We have been known to add significant value during the project design, entitlement and construction phases and have learned to see around corners that others cannot. Although you may be the owner of the project, we step up to “own” a positive outcome. We align with our clients and bend over backwards to become a truly valuable extension of their project teams. Our fees are always reasonable and our level of service unparalleled.


Investment Progress Review and Reporting

For going concerns or funded real estate developments, we can monitor project progress in two ways. Remote monitoring is perfect for pre-investment decision review or limited project scopes, but is frequently utilized to monitor progress and to review project documentation with monthly reporting. On-Site monitoring can be variable in nature and is typically tailored to the need of the client. It can range from occasional quality review to monthly on-site project visits with monthly executive level reporting. Typical services offered include the following.


Project Documentation:

  • Project Programming Review

  • Design completeness and scope of work review

  • Entitlement status review

  • Cost and constructability of a project (both hard and soft costs)


Financial Review:

  • Payment Application review – typically monthly

  • Billing accuracy, estimated cost vs. actual and review of monthly funding/ draw requests and back-up documentation

  • Final payment and project close-out review

Quality Review:

  • Monthly project design and construction progress reports

  • Overall review of adherence to plans, specifications and accepted industry standards

  • Adherence to construction schedule

  • Monthly site visits with progress reports and quality control option

  • Correctness of submittals, change orders and other documentation

  • Project turn-over process review


Pre-Investment Underwriting Review

We pride ourselves in providing first-class project underwriting and objective project evaluation services. We focus on not only understanding the material aspects of each project but also in identifying and quantifying potential risks. Finding gaps in underwriting from flaws in project planning, design, entitlement strategy through budgeting is critical while making investment decisions.

  • Revenue and Cost Assumptions Review

  • Financial Modeling Review

  • Project Programing Review

  • Project Status Reporting (inclusive of due diligence documentation review)


Consulting Services

Oak Street Capital can also apply its two plus decades of real world development experience to help you shape your investment thesis or to guide or manage your project through its consulting services.  We offer a broad range of a-la-carte services including, but not necessarily limited to:


Due Diligence

  • Pre-development planning and consulting

  • Feasibility analysis/market analysis

  • Zoning and entitlements

  • Planning and design management

  • Pro-forma development and analysis

  • Third party consultant management

  • Construction Management

  • Bidding and procurement



Oak Street Capital helps its clients maximize value in transactional opportunities of joint venture and partnership with a particular focus on minimizing risk, and  the efficiency of dollars spent and value created.  We have extensive experience with a wide range of ventured transactions and have learned  that the potential to create value is not always aligned with the strategic goals of the constituents involved.  Let us vet your opportunity and help you decide whether and how to proceed.

For more information on funding your real estate project please contact Brian Hampton via email or phone at +1 (312) 731-3391.

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